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What’s worse? Jewish relationship with no intention of having children or dating a gentile?

So I’m a Jewish male in my later 30’s and have spent my entire 30’s trying to find a Jewish woman (with absolutely zero success) to have a serious relationship with. I’m not religious but am traditional in a sense where I keep kosher, uphold most holidays and keep Jewish values as much as I can. I have no intentions of having children though and so a thought crossed my mind today.

Is it worse/am I doing more harm by getting involved with a Jewish woman knowing that I don’t want to have children, therefore preventing that Jewish woman from potentially finding a partner to have children with to bring more Jewish children to the world or is it worse to get involved with a gentile?

If your curious as to why I would even restrict myself to only wanting to date Jewish women when I’m not religious and don’t want children, it is generally because I feel like spiritually I would have a better connection with a Jewish woman and our values would be more aligned in that regard.

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