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What’s with the polarity in orthodox Jewish peoples behavior towards Non-Jews? It’s almost never a neutral interaction in my experiences.

I’ve grown up in a town that’s predominantly Jewish so there are many opportunities to interact with them. The reason I’m even making this post is because of patterns I’ve noticed with their culture.

For example, today I held a door open for a Jewish lady and her child, and she didn’t even acknowledge my existence. Just a straight blank stare forward. I hold the door for everyone if there’s an opportunity and 80-90% of people say thank you as opposed to the sample of Jewish people, maybe 10-20% say anything or acknowledge me, men or women.

It’s not that I feel entitled to a reaction, but it’s kind of like I feel I did something wrong to them, should I just not hold the door open?

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I’ve had orthodox Jewish people teach me in after school programs when I was younger, have held their children, and had regular conversations with about anything. These people are few and far between, but they exist.

What about their outlook on non-Jews differs from the ones that seem cut off, and why? Hoping to get a better understanding.

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