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What’s up with the astoundingly severe anti-Semitism on BBC’s new year lights show video’s comments?

Hello brothers and sisters! I was watching BBC’s new year celebration video from London, which is trending on YouTube right now. I scrolled down to the comments, and MY GOD IS EVERYONE FURIOUS AT THE JEWS! You can see this for yourself here.

Now I’m not a Jew, but I’m a concerned Muslim and I am really disturbed by the amount of hate a huge chunk of Europe is having for you all. I know for a fact that hatred like this is blind, today it’s for Jew, tomorrow it’ll be for Muslims and so on..

I just want to know, what exactly is it that they fear and is there any way to bring them back to sense? Wat are all the links and books they keep referring to, and why are they so obsessed with minorities in general?

Idk if this is post is appropriate or not, but any insight from the actual Jewish community would be great!

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