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Whats the torah perspective of good/evil and Jewish suffering

I hate to see suffering in Israel, it hurts my soul. The massacre was an act of evil. The highest civilian death toll in modern Israel’s history. I keep asking myself, “what did the country of Israel and Jewish ppl do to Hashem to deserve this?”

Paraphrasing the amazing Ramchal, who says something like:

Nature of Good and Evil:

Hashem is inherently good. This means that His essence is goodness itself. When we witness evil acts, such as those committed by groups like Hamas, we’re reminded that these actions stem from a separation from Hashem. It is not Hashem who brings evil, but rather the absence of His presence.

Which leads me to thinking that it was an absence of Hashem which caused evil last Shabbat. He wasn’t there to protect our people.

Are there any other good explanations from Talmud or other Jewish texts related to suffering and evil?

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