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what’s the problem with European Jews?

So, ever since I started participating in this sub, I already had to block a few people who seemed very angry every time Europe was mentioned. I said I’m from Europe and got angry replies about how my place is shitty and I shouldn’t be happy here. It also happened to me IRL, to get into a huge argument with a guy because I told him I had no intent of moving out of Europe.

I just don’t get it. There are thousands of Jews living in Europe. I was born and raised in a nice and big community. My whole life is there. Why does that trigger so much people who have never set foot on the continent, let alone most of the countries ? It’s not the first time I have to literally argue about the very fact that my life exists. If I dare to say “I’m fine”, people think I’m lying. It’s as if non-European Jews expect us to be miserable and only waiting for the day we can finally escape. This is a really weird vision IMO and frankly a bit objectifying. Why can’t we have an opinion and an agency?

Also please remember that Europe is relatively big. We are made of different countries. As much as there are similarities between the countries, there are also differences.

I just wish our fellow American and Israeli Jews would stop consider us as miserable puppets stuck in a shithole. I get you hear a lot of negative stuff about Europe in the medias, but tbh we also hear a lot of negative stuff about the US and Israel, and yet I wouldn’t base my entire opinion of places I don’t live in on that.

European Jewish life is beautiful and rich. Not only was I raised Jewish, but I also had the opportunity to meet different Jewish communities, and to study Jewish topics through my studies, in different European countries. I am really glad to have had all those opportunities here.

Stop questioning our lives. Thank you.

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