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What’s the name of this book?!

Description: it’s a book that came out early Fall of this year (August or September, I think). by a woman in New York City raised Orthodox. After getting married & having a kid, the author went into a deep depression & found it difficult to practice her faith, but was able to talk to a rabbi who helped her work through the questions she had. The author & her husband are still Orthodox, but now she wants to be Orthdox rather than feeling she just has to be Orthodox.

I haven’t read the book (though I want to), but from what I know, it’s her recounting this crisis in her life & going through and answering questions about the nature of G-d, the meaning of Orthodox practice, etc. The purpose of the book is to relay what she learned from all of this to help others raised Orthodox who might also be having the same questions/ dilemma.

Literally I know she even has a blog and on instagram but I am completely blanking on both her name and the name of her book 🙃 So, anyone have any idea what book I’m talking about?

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