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What’s the best way for young adult converts to meet fellow young adult Jews?

My shul is 90% old ladies, and the rest is old men.

It seems like most of the younger people don’t go to shul? It seems like they consider themselves secular or reform and know each other through informal networks outside of shul?

I sometimes feel like I’m missing out, and I know there are lots of sociable friend groups within the community. I see people my age on social media with these huge friend groups, within the community, that the people have built up over time. I’d like to know what I can do to get out there and meet people. I like hanging out with people. People enjoy my presence in real life. It’s just that I’ve met literally three people within five years of my age, and two of them were kinda…reclusive? Thankfully I can enjoy hanging out with more elderly people, and the people at shul are awesome, really nice, and actually quite vivacious in many cases.

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