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What’s life like for South African Jews right now?

People often seem to forget about the large Jewish community in South Africa, so I’m curious about what it’s like being a Jew in SA right now in light of geopolitical events but also the current state of SA itself. What has life been like for you historically as a Jew in SA? In what ways has the treatment of Jews been changing and for how long has there been this trend? Does it seem like much of the Jewish community is leaving the country, and if so, how long has this been the case? Are you personally considering leaving SA as well, and if so, what places are you thinking of moving to?

I’m also curious to also hear from Jews who have left SA . What country are you living in now? How did you feel about leaving? How do you feel about where SA is right now and where it’s headed? And if the internal situation improves, would you consider moving back?

For some background, my mother is a third generation South African Jew who immigrated to the US in the 80’s. While crime has always been bad, it seems to be getting progressively worse, causing most of her family to emigrate over the past decade.

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