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What’s Judaism’s stance on Satanism?

First, I’m not trying to offend someone, and I need to explain what I mean by Satanism- as for many people it is a somewhat abstract idea of choosing to do evil, doing gorey rituals, and encouraging pain in others. I am referring to a less mainstream media definition of Satanism. I have friends who call them selves Satanic because we bonded over music (if you guessed it: yes, metal music). They explained to me mostly how Satanism is about justice in the world and not allowing others to cross your boundaries and serving as their doormat, but that this doesn’t mean to be spiteful and always planning revenge. More like: putting yourself first. Caring about your loved ones because, seeing them happy also makes you happy and therefore you more or less have egoistic altruism in it. So it’s not about not caring about others at all. My friends see it more as a metaphor, some of them like the devil’s depictions because they’re a little bit of edge lords (mostly against militant Christians who try to convince everyone or exclude outcasts, big topic), but they don’t take it literally. They don’t participate in any slaughter type of rituals and whatsoever. I don’t fully understand, but at least from my friends it seems like more of a philosophy of life rather than religious belief.

Do Jews coexist peacefully with Satanists like any other religion, or are they frowned upon a lot? What about Jewish metalheads who wear pentagrams and fox skull images or listen to music that sings about the devil? Is it seen as idolatry even if that Jewish person doesn’t believe in the existence of these creatures? Are any of you religiously Jewish metalheads and have some experience to share?

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