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What’s Exodus 4:24-26 about?

Hello! Ex-christian goy here with questions about this text. I am not very knowledgeable about the Torah other than Christian (mis)interpretations, so please forgive my ignorance. My questions are,

  1. Why did G-d want to kill Moses in this story? From my understanding, Moses was already on his way back to Egypt and going to meet up with Aaron, as G-d commanded. Was it because Moses begged G-d to choose someone else to confront the pharaoh?

  2. What is the significance of touching the son’s foreskin to Moses, and why did this cause G-d to change his mind about killing him? (I understand the cultural importance of the circumcision, but not understanding what it does for Moses in this particular scenario.)

  3. Is the footnote on this page accurate? Are there other instances of this euphemism appearing in Judaic texts?

Thanks very much for entertaining these questions. If you have any recommendations for further reading, I would appreciate that as well. Cheers!

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