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What would you consider me?

Hey everyone! I’m curious what I would be considered. First off, I’m a Baal Teshuva. I grew up going to a Traditional Shul. I stopped going there and went to a conservative shul for Sunday school, but after my BM I was fully away from Judaism and only really celebrated Hannukah. Over time I realized I loved Judaism so much and I wanted to learn more and practice more so bad. It took me a while, maybe like 6ish years to finally start wearing a Kippah, keeping kosher, and Tzitzit. I have only been Shomer Shabbos for two weeks. I go to two orthodox shuls as well. I’d like to think I’m orthodox? That’s so weird of me to say because I never imagined I’d be an Orthodox Jew. I really just love Torah studies and keeping Shabbat as well as Kosher. I’m also very open minded. I accept all people. I accept LGBTQ+ people. I really don’t care, as long as the individual person respects me, no matter who they are I have respect for them. I’m also not into pushing religion onto others. I only ask my mom to light shabbat candles because I know it’s more the head women the houses custom. I have no problem with separate davening at Shul, which we have but my dad is against it. He is almost reforma I guess you could say or “reformadox”. I think that the black hats are cool lol, but couldn’t really imagine wearing a black hat, black jacket, white shirt and all that. I would like to think I’m “modern orthodox”?

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