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What would be appropriate for a woman to wear to a Modern Orthodox synagogue on Shabbat?

In case it isn’t obvious from my flair, I’m not Jewish. I’ve been wanting to visit the local Modern Orthodox synagogue for ages, but I’m worried about accidentally wearing something that isn’t appropriate. I’m aware of the modesty standards, but I guess I’m a bit concerned that my clothes might be too weird. At first I figured I could just wear anything that my dad lets me wear when he forces me to go to church with him (I still live with him and I have to follow his rules) as long as it’s modest enough, but I saw an Orthodox Jew online say that her dad wouldn’t let her wear boots to synagogue, and I’m not really sure how to make my one sufficiently modest church-appropriate outfit work without boots, so maybe it wouldn’t be appropriate because of the boots. Also, the outfit takes inspiration from a Japanese style called mori kei, so maybe it’s too weird anyway. Can anyone show me examples of clothes that are appropriate? Also, maybe someone can just tell me if the outfit I was thinking of wearing is appropriate. It consists of a blue dress that covers my collarbone and hits just above my knees worn over a dark teal ruffled skirt that hits below my knees, a light blue long-sleeve knitted lace cardigan (someone might be able to see skin through the holes in the lace if they look really closely because the dress has lace sleeves, too; I can wear a long-sleeve shirt underneath everything if necessary), black tights, black lace-up boots (no scuffs or tears, and like I said, my dad lets me wear them to his church where people dress nicely), and a gold leaf necklace. The cardigan is missing the top button (the button itself broke in half), but you probably wouldn’t notice unless you were really looking closely, since I never button it up. I can replace the buttons if I need to. I won’t be visiting THIS Shabbat anyway, since I didn’t call to let them know I want to visit.

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