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What was the Proper Means of Destruction and "Re-Use" of Silver and Gold Idols in Ancient Israel


This is kind of an odd question, but I was curious how an observant Israelite would properly destroy a gold/silver idol in ancient Israel (Deuteronomy 7:25). I know that Moses ground the golden calf to powder, dumped it in the water and made the Children of Israel drink it. But for other times like when Hezekiah and Josiah cleaned up a lot of idolatry, what happened to the precious metals?

Wood can be burned, stone can be crushed, etc. but are melted precious metals made “clean” as in Numbers 31:22-23, or was that a “one time” ordinance? Was a melted golden idol consecrated to the LORD as in Joshua 6:19? Was it minted into coins as currency? Was the lump of metal thrown into the sea so its taint couldn’t be reached?

Thanks, and may the LORD bless you 🙂

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