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What to wear to a BBQ at a Chabad Center?

My husband and I are former Christians. We have been meeting weekly (virtually) with a Rabbi from our local Chabad Center who has been teaching us about various aspects of Judaism, how to properly understand the Hebrew Scriptures, etc. with an eye on becoming Noachide. At our last meeting he mentioned they are having a community BBQ this week and told us we are welcome to come.

I am not sure what to expect at all. I was raised Catholic and converted to Presbyterianism as an adult. We abandoned Christianity a couple of years ago. I was always very active as both a Catholic and a Protestant in various church functions. I never had any exposure to Jewish culture, community, or anything at all. I also don’t know if a Chabad community event is different from any other Jewish community event (although I guess any difference really wouldn’t matter since I am not familiar with any of it). My biggest concern is what I should wear. I’m not sure what is considered appropriate clothing in general for Jewish women and whether or not there is difference in what would be appropriate for a Jewish woman to wear versus non-Jewish woman (I’m in my 30s) to a Chabad event (if it makes a difference, I’m fairly certain the Rabbi and his wife are Orthodox).

I have a tendency to overanalyze after the fact everything I said or did at any kind of gathering other than with close friends, so I am super nervous I am going to say something or wear something that would be frowned upon.

I am used to conservative Christian casual church gatherings (potlucks, etc) – is the way I would dress and socialize for something like that similar to how I should dress/act for this?

Any advice that would put my mind at ease would be helpful!

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