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What should I expect running a Seder for the first time?

Greetings everyone! So, little introduction first because its relevant to the question. I come from Jewish heritage on my mom’s side, however, my family has not actually had practicing Jews for a couple generations. I, however, have been beginning to study Judaism and I’m the first remotely observant Jew in at least two generations in my family. Now my aunt, upon me telling her this, said that she’d like to maybe do a Seder this Passover, depending on how this whole COVID-19 thing turns out by then. The issue is, being so new to actually practicing Judaism, I don’t know if I’ll really be able to do a Seder by then, especially given that no one else in the family still has our traditions. Obviously, I’d have to learn any special blessings and prayers and practices from scratch.

I am studying with the rabbi at my local synagogue, so I do plan to ask him for advice, but I wanted to ask here as well in hopes that I could maybe get some people’s firsthand experiences. There’s also the additional issue of the potential of the Seder to be done via Zoom due to the pandemic, and I really don’t know how I would handle it when we’re not all around one table!

Any experiences, advice, or other thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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