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What position does Judaism traditionally have on self-torture to test faith? Specifically something as directly harmful as self-flagellation?

Since a post I read pretty much sums up the details of my question and is why I’m asking this, I’m quoting it.

I am curious of the Calvinist and Reformed Christianity on mortification of the flesh through painful physical torture such as fasting, self-flagellation, tatooing, cutting one’s wrist, waterboarding oneself in blessed water, and carrying very heavy objects such as cross replication for miles with no rest or water? And other methods of self-harm so common among Catholic fundamentalists done to test their faith and give devotion to God?

As someone baptised Roman Catholic, I know people who flagellate themselves and go through months have fasting with no food along with a day or two without drinking water. So I am wondering what is Judaism’s position on corporal mortification acts especially like cutting yourself with a knife and fasting?

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