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What minhagim do we have today that you think our sages during the Mishnaic period would have thought are praiseworthy? Minhagim they would’ve disapproved of? Why?

I’ll start with praiseworthy: Selichot. Not sure if there’s any references of Selichot in that time period, so not sure if there was such a thing as selichot back then (I know there’s references to Selichot among the Geonim, but not sure if there’s any beyond them), but the idea of waking up extra early for 30min ish-1hour long of extra prayers asking HaShem for forgiveness is a beautiful custom
Disapproval: Nittelnacht, sorry (some) chasidim, I just can’t imagine them approving of purposefully not studying Torah
Bonus: dressing in costumes on Purim, I have no idea how they’d react to that but they’d probably be so confused

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