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What makes the Jews and Asians so resilient towards trauma?

I’ve studied jewish history and I know that they were persecuted for over two thousand years.

The Roma were also persecuted and discriminated against for their entire existence and yet they are victims of life, whereas the Jews and Asians become successful in spite of trauma.

It really goes to show the remarkable stoicism in these cultures and they do not possess victim mentality which perpetuates other groups. Does iq have to do with it? What is it about these cultures that make them this way?

They cause no crime, are studious, industrious and ambitious.

I haven’t been to the states and I don’t know how the Jews are there but I want to know their culture. Do they have strong family values and a nuclear family even if they are not a religious Jew? I know Jews marry other Jews even if they are not religious Jews. This is the same with the Asians. I know jews prioritise education and financial literacy as a culture. But why and how did this culture come about?

I know having a strong family unit and connections with your family and love can heal almost anything and I think this is why people of other groups gravitate towards alcoholism/hedonism/drugs to cope. I would assume they are not this way in the states? Do Jews in the us support their down and out family members or are they indifferent like the whites/blacks, which is why there’s a huge drug/homeless problem?

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