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What languages was Moshe native in?

From the Torah we read that Moses was nursed by a Hebrew woman. When he was older he went to the Pharao palace. It’s not clear what age he was, but I guess he wasn’t older than 3 years old.

Moshe knew he was a Hebrew and that Hebrews were slaves as we know from the text.

What languages was he raised? He definitely spoke the Egyptian language. Is it likely that he had been raised bilingual in the language of the slaves as well? From history we know that the rulers usually force the oppressed to speak the masters language.

What language did Moses speak with God on the mountain? What languages did God write down the commandments?

I know the orthodox position is that they all spoke Hebrew. But as I said it’s unlikely due to his upbringing.

Did God pick Moses because he was the only educated Hebrew who could read and write?

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