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What is your view on heart transplantation (definition of death)?

I received a heart transplant almost 1 year ago. Honestly, Judaism’s view of heart transplantation never crossed my mind at the time, but in retrospect, I’ve been thinking a lot about it and researching. I can only get so far reading articles though. My understanding is that there truly is no consensus on the matter of heart transplantation in Jewish law because it is all about how one defines death: cardiac death vs brain stem death. I don’t know all of the details around my transplant, but my assumption is the donor (who was younger than me) was considered brain dead, and therefore, doctors/surgeons stopped his heart to retrieve and transport it. I don’t know if Pikuah Nefesh extends that far, nor do I even know if my donor was Jewish or not. I grew up going to a reform synagogue, so I feel I did the right thing to preserve my life, but am not sure what Jewish law overall, or other sects of Judaism has to say about it.

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