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What is your opinion on Goyim wearing the star of David?

Hej everyone! 🙂

There’s something I’d like to ask, the question is already mentioned in the title. Though it’s more bound to specifically my situation than non-Jewish people in general.

I myself am a Goy but I’ve been wearing the star of David for about a year now. And I obviously don’t just wear it as a fashion item. My reason for wearing it is that I’ve always felt safe around both Synagogues and Jewish centers and wearing the star of David feels somehow right for me. I’m aware that this most likely sounds like I just made it up, but I can’t explain it much better myself.

I live in a suburban of Munich and everytime I go to the city I always at some point go to the Jewish center and just sit on a bench there. It’s become a small ritual of mine if you could say it like that. I don’t know why but just sitting there makes me calm down very easily and allows me to focus on things. Especially when it gets darker and some parts of the city become more dangerous I always feel safe at the Jakobs square.

That feeling of safety also isn’t bound to the Jewish center in Munich. When I visited other cities and stumble upon Jewish centers and/or Synagogues I’ve often had that same feeling.

I have no idea where this feeling comes from as I have little to no history relating to Judaism. With the exception that I was in a Jewish Kita/Kindergarten until I was 4, when my family still lived in Frankfurt, but I barely remember that time so I kind of doubt that that had a huge impact on me. Also, as that might be confusing to some, I was in a Jewish Kita since it was closest to my parents home (just 100m away from it or so) so they asked if there were still free places and if they took non-Jewish children. From what I’ve been told they did hesitate a bit but since they had enough space they eventually allowed me to go there nevertheless.

I thought very very very long whether I should wear a star of David or not. As I was extremely unsure – for quite obvious reasons I think – if wearing the star without being Jewish might be appropriating and/or disrespectful towards Jewish people.

As said I’m not Jewish, I’m also not pretending to be Jewish. Whenever people ask me about it I tell them clearly that I’m not Jewish, then elaborate on why I wear the star. Sometimes I tell them the real reason but mostly I just say that it’s complicated, because I don’t really know how different people would react to my reason. I think most just wouldn’t care but I’m still often unsure. I eventually asked a friend of mine (who is Jewish but rather culturally than religiously), he said that out of his view it didn’t seem like a big thing and that he wouldn’t have a problem with me wearing it. So I did decided to wear the star – in form of an earring just in case that matters – and I’ve felt great since that decision. I haven’t taken the star off since I put it on and I haven’t regretted it one bit as well.

But I have had my doubts from time to time, and after reading one specific post here, about Christians wearing the star of David, I decided to post this here. Just to see what your opinions on this are, if you care about it at all.

Also I don’t know if it’s important but my religious background looks somewhat like this: I was born Protestant but my parents let me leave the church when I was 13 as it was quite clear by then that I had no Interest in following that religion.

Since I left the church I’ve always seen myself as an Agnostic but since 2021 I’ve somewhat started to have my doubts.

My family hasn’t questioned why I started to wear a star of David, religion has always been a rather personal thing for us so we don’t really ask each other about our believes.

And I also do realize that the title isn’t really matching with my question, as it is more focused on my situation than generally Goys wearing the Magen star. Sorry for that.

Edit: Thank you all for sharing your opinions and thoughts with me! It was definitely the right thing to come here and I couldn’t be more glad that I did. I personally would like to continue wearing the star but from now on I’ll do it in a way that it won’t be visible to the public. That’s probably the very least I can do.

I’ve also decided to learn more about Judaism, I have already been interested in it for a long time and read a lot about it, but I’ve never really thought of experiencing it myself. E.g. asking to visit the Synagogues Shabbat Service, reading the Torah or the like. But I will definitely do that from now on.

Thanks again to everyone! 😀

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