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What is your ‘it’s a small Jewish world’ story?

I have two that always blow my mind. Some background on me: went to dayschool in southern CA, spent middle school/junior high in PA, and high school in FL. Yes, this will be relevant. While in junior high, I went to Jewish sleep away camp, and I was in youth group in high school. To give time passage perspective I am in my early 30s.

Story 1: some five to ten years ago a camp friend, still living in PA mind you, of mine posted on Facebook that one of his buddies(also from PA whom I have never met) was getting married to a girl named “M”. M’s name sounded super familiar to me, so I did a little bit of digging. Lo and behold, I went to elementary school with her at a very respected Jewish dayschool. Her mom was my first grade teacher.

Story 2: my favorite its a small Jewish world story. So I mentioned I went to a Jewish camp and partook in youth group. My youth group has an international convention every year that sadly I was never able to attend. But! All my friend posted their photos on Facebook. And as I’m going through my camp friend’s photos, I see familiar faces of my youth group friends! I couldn’t believe it! Of all the kids at these conventions, and there are hundreds of them, my camp and youth group friends managed to find each other and make friends, without me there bridging the gap. It completely blew my mind and I love that aspect of Judaism to this day. Also makes me happy to know I attract good people.

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