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What is this menorah?

What is this menorah?

We found this beautiful small bronze(?) menorah (base 5*3 cm, height 12 cm) at an antiques store in old Cairo. We bought it then noticed that the star on it is not the star of David but a pentagram (see the photos attached.) We searched the internet for any menorah that carries a pentagram instead of the star of David but couldn’t find one anywhere. It was weird: the menorah has “Bethlehem” and branches of olive engraved on it but we couldn’t understand the star. The only place mentioning a pentagram in relation to Judaism is a mention saying it symbolizes mercy and justice. We did some research and came across messianic judaism and speculated that it might has to do something with it.

Has anyone come across a menorah like this or understand if there are any historical roots to this? Or is it just a craftsmanship mistake?

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