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What is the Torah (Tanakh, Talmud – Mishnah & Gemara) equivalents to the Christian Bible’s "Matthew 18:6?"

Recently, someone here posted a thread asking “why doesn’t the Torah condemn pedophilia?” We all know that somewhere in the Torah, aka the Tanakh + Talmud, Talmud itself being comprised of Mishnah and Gemara, Judaism absolutely does condemn such evil degeneracy. But that Christians have the millstone-around-the-neck verse of their Bible’s Matthew 18:6 handy & ready but we don’t have a specific verse all of us know is fodder for antisemites.

Many critics of our faith are in bad faith themselves. That said, no one is born an antisemite – they’re sold bills of goods whose credibility needs to be undermined so fewer can be sold them in the future. What specific verses of Torah oppose pedo-ism?

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