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What is the role of gentiles in the eyes of G-d?

I’ll preface with the fact that I am hugely ignorant of Judaism and your people, so I’m sorry if I offend, and I also suspect that you get lots of questions from Christians and such and might find it exhausting, but if you want to read and answer my questions I am thankful.

For some reason I have recently felt a pull towards Jewish learning and belief, this is odd because I am a Catholic (mostly culturally, but I also can not bring myself to deny my faith), and I was surprised by some of the concepts I came across, mainly the concept that it is the job of the Jewish people to be a light to the nations. That you are supposed to be the spiritual leaders and illuminators of all people, and I was also surprised by the emphasis placed on our shared heritage. That we are all Gods children and He did not exclusively choose Jews to be his children. If I had thought about it, I would have suspected that that would be the correct theological position but I did not expect the emphasis on the fact that there is nothing inherently wrong with the gentile people. For some reason this affected me deeply and I felt so so thankful that you believe that.

Perhaps this was being contrasted with the Catholic attitude that all nations must become Catholic to be saved, something which always troubled me and in my heart of hearts I refused to believe that all the good and wonderful non Catholics would go to hell. I do not believe that.

But now I am curious of what do you ask of the gentiles ? What are your thoughts on our religions, are they beneficial ? This is purely complete conjecture, but if I were a Jew I would ascribe a great importance to the rise of “Abrahamic religion” among many of the nations of the world. My ancestors were pagans for the longest time, but when the latin church came to my ancestors ( I am ethnically Polish) they all of a sudden acknowledge God, and strive to live with morality and, in my opinion, to keep the 7 Noachide laws. Was that part of Gods plan? To spread these religions and change my pagan ancestors into “a people of the book”?

I am rambling, but I just want to know what does Judaism really say I should be doing, should I be a Christian, how do I be a righteous gentile, is the degree and strictness of morality less for me than it is for a Jew ? And what do you think about the modern trend of abandoning our long held religious convictions, while still upholding a kind of morality ? I almost think Christianity spread and is now leaving, but it left an imprint on the European peoples of compassion and self sacrifice.

I don’t know, now I am really rambling but if you have the time I will love to read everything you have to say on this matter. For the record I don’t want to try and become a Jew in any way shape or form.

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