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What is the mainline/traditional take on the evolution of YHVH?

What I mean by this is, there is compelling historical evidence that Yahweh can be traced back to a polytheistic pantheon. Through trade routes, proto-Israelites (who were polytheistic Canaanites) had contact with the Midianites and Yahweh was shared with them.

The proto-Israelites did not immediately become monotheists; they simply decided to incorporate him into their pantheon, with El being at the center of said pantheon.Later in time, they became monolatric polytheists and put Yahweh at the center of their belief system. This eventually evolved into monotheism.

So my question is, in the process of his unveiling, why would he – metaphorically speaking – join a pagan pantheon, and slowly climb the polytheistic hierarchy and then after reaching the top, decide that other gods don’t exist anymore?

I feel that the acknowledgement of the existence of other gods is laid out clearly throughout the Old Testament.

I will admit that I have no background in theology. But I value Abrahamic religion, and I don’t think acknowledgement of its polytheistic and monolatric origins destroys it. I personally interpret the three Abrahamic faiths through a heterodox, Hermetic lens. I’m genuinely curious to see if any orthodox (as in, traditional) theologians take this into consideration, and if they do, how do they incorporate this information?

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