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What is the deeper meaning of the tribe of Dan?

What little I understand of the Tanakh, you usually have a story of good vs evil, the holy nation vs various evil enemies external to it. Two sides, good vs evil. And of course the good side, being human, still has an evil inclination, and can still err and sin, but what I mean is, there is no designated evil group that is part of the holy side.

Or is there? That’s why I’m asking about the Tribe of Dan as told specifically in the Tanakh. To be clear, I am not speaking about people in real life. I judge people individually on their own merits not based on what group they belong to. I just mean in a purely Biblical sense, in the Tanakh, was the tribe of Dan supposed to represent, for instance, the negative force within positive side, as opposed to the Philistines or Babylon who represented external negative forces? Maybe to cancel out one negative, it requires another negative? So in order for the holy side to defeat evil, evil being a negative, the average, holy person within the holy side cannot defeat a negative with a positive, so instead, the holy side also needs to have an internal negative in order to cancel out the external negative, and is this where the Tribe of Dan in the Tanakh comes in, for instance Samson’s revenge on the Philistines?

What is the tribe of Dan’s purpose within Israel, and what is the tribe of Dan’s role in defeating external, evil enemies of Hashem?

Sorry this is all over the place it’s just very confusing for me. I’ve done my best to put as much together as I can understand and remember, though, that hopefully one of you reading can see where I’m searching at and help me put it together. That would help me a lot honestly.

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