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What is the current status and likely future of the Satmar split?

The second Satmar Rebbe Moshe Teitelbaum died in 2006, and the dispute over which of his sons is his rightful successor – his eldest son Aaron or his third son Zalman – has now been going on for over 15 years (or even longer than that – arguably the dispute began in 1999 when the Rebbe unexpectedly appointed Zalman rather than Aaron as leader of the Williamsburg Satmar community). How has the dispute evolved over that time: Has it grown more bitter? Or are there signs of possible reconciliation and rapprochement? Or is it stable? And what does the likely future hold: is this likely to turn into a permanent split in the Satmar dynasty? Do the Satmar who follow each Rebbe get along with each other well, or do they have strained relations? Are they likely to maintain a common identity as Satmar, or are the Satmar going to split into two separate communities who will eventually adopt distinct names for themselves?

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