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What is the best Torah to get for a returning Jew?

Hi, I am the Jew in question here. I haven’t opened the Torah in a long time, but I would like to restudy it. I went to synagogue as a child and read the Torah back then, I would say several times, but once I left home I pretty much went secular and have not been practicing anything besides my prayers and every now and then I show up for family passover. I still and always have had faith, but I just have been “too busy” to care about my spirituality until these past few years.

I have looked at Amazon for a Torah with notes, but there are a lot of them and I’m overwhelmed with choices. I’m sure any Torah is a good Torah, but I would like one that has side notes with contemporary translations and stuff like that to help my adult returning brain wrap around it in a way that is relevant to me.

One thing I always struggled with as a child was wondering why this mattered, I found a lot of the ancient history fascinating, imagining my ancestors in the kingdom of David and stuff, but I never connected the relevance to modern life, besides the fundamental laws.

Thanks for your consideration.

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