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What is modern orthodox to you?

Hey! I often see people using flair the flair of “Modern Orthodox” and am curious how active users here define MO? I am not looking for debates or links justifying a level of observance, just definitions or examples of what Modern Orthodox looks like to you.

For me, the Yeshiva University world and the average Young Israel or OU shul would fall under the MO umbrella (including Rav Hirschel Schatcher). Shabbos, Kashrus, Tahras Mishpacha are givens, as are sending kids to schools where the Judaic teachers are frum (depending on your location). I am purposely not mentioning the chitzonius (external) identifiers like dress and what might or might not be a male or female’s head.

Just so you know where I am coming from, I consider myself MO, but on a shidduch resume we are more, like, “YU-Machmir” or normal frum as my wife says. I went to YU, we have phones w/filters (my 24 yr has a flip phone), we stream content, are extremely careful with what we watch, and my kids all attended same-sex high schools.


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