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What is/has been the relations between Orthodox Christianity and Jews?

My friend is getting “chrismated” soon from Roman Catholic to the Eastern Orthodox Church via the OCA (Orthodox Church in America), and has invited me to this eventual milestone event before Lent.

But I don’t know much about the Eastern Orthodox Church and their relations to Jewry. I tried to find some information in English online and it is very scant.

I do know that there were many Greek Orthodox who turned their backs on the Jews and pretended to not know them when the Germans took them to the concentration camps. And I have heard of Russian Jewish pogroms from local Orthodox Christians, that they had Nittel Nacht on Orthodox Christian Christmas on January 6.

Is the relationship better? Do you know any Orthodox Christians personally and how they view us?

My friend would tell me how many Eastern Christian practices derive originally from Judaism, how their church is supposed to mimic the Beit ha-Miqdash, etc. But that is how much I know so far.

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