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What falls under "secular things" as subjects to avoid during shabbat?

In an effort to make my life less chaotic I (as a secular person) am looking into different religous practices/rituals/rules and especially those which are frequently recurring activities. I personally believe that practices which have lasted generations have some proven degree of usefulness and I want to familiarize myself with them, such that I can incorporate the practices into my life. As part of this I am looking into practices/rules of the Shabbat.

I apologise if this question is inappropriate or ill informed, I’ve obtained the formulation from a wikipedia page:

It is customary to avoid talking on Shabbat about money, business matters, or secular things that one might discuss during the week

What would “secular things” entail in this context?

Edit: Emphasis: I am asking about secular things to avoid in coversation, as mentioned in the quote above.

Edit2: I would originally have asked it on r/AskJudaism but that subreddit redirects here, I am sorry if it is inappropriate for me as gentile to talk/be here please redirect me elsewhere if so.

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