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What fact is taken into account to decide how to register someone’s date of death?

Hello everyone!

I’ve recently got some burial certificates of my grandparents and great grandparents (given to me by the Sephardic community of Uruguay), and I’ve noticed that the dates in their records (and therefore the date in the certificates) doesn’t match the dates in their official government death certificates. In one case, in the Jewish certificate the date is one day earlier than in the official document, in another it’s one day after, and in one case it’s two days after the official document, which is curiously when this person was buried.

My cousin, who’s been raised in the tradition, explained the fact that the Jewish day starts when the sun goes down, but I still don’t see the connection. I can’t see a common pattern to understand which fact is taken into account to register someone’s death.

Can someone explain how this works?

I need to see if there’s a religious reason behind the difference between the official and the religious dates, because if there isn’t and this is just a mistake in the records, then I need to ask the community to ammend the record.

Thanks a lot.

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