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What does OU-M actually mean?

question about OU-M hechscher (i so rarely see it) because I’m getting confused about the internet resources.

Is it essentially the equivalent of OU-DE but for meaty equipment? I saw it today on a box of chicken flavored couscous that didn’t have any listed meat ingredients. Since it’s chicken that’s why I’m confused; doesn’t all chicken have to be glatt by default? If it were the case, why wouldn’t it be labeled as such? I can’t imagine chicken couscous having beef flavorings, but who knows.

Already threw away the box but maybe it had “natural flavors”? Can’t remember the brand name since I usually just buy the big tub and add my own spices etc.

I ate it, (spoiler: it was pretty weak, but did the job) and while it doesn’t present any kitchen issues for me, it does raise questions that I’d like to understand better!

(this is not a targeted post to u/shinytwistybouncy, I promise)

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