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What do you think of Adidas as of now?

So before I go further I’m not Jewish, I’ve taken Holocaust history classes but that’s as far as I’ve gotten into the Jewish history, and I don’t know anything outside of that and crude jokes people in my school made.

So recently Adidas made a statement and they said (this is rough wording cause I don’t remember it all) they are going to sell their stock of Yeezys to the public with a disclaimer that Ye is to get his original 15% royalties on all shoe sales as per their contact and Adidas will donate all the rest of their sales to multiple charities.

I feel from an outsiders perspective (being not jewish) that this isn’t enough to bury what all transpired what was it? 8 months ago? I feel that nothing will ever be enough and that if they really wanted to make a difference that they would recycle the shoes materials and make a shoe line that they can distribute to Jewish children across the world for free. But I know they won’t do that and that I’m just a passionate ally to the Jewish community and not realistic.

So my question is this, what do you all think? Is there any chance you will forgive Adidas? Because I want to make an informed decision and know what exactly is going on in both sides of the situation, is charity enough to forgive them paying Ye again? Do you even care? Or is the general consensus that “it’s just a brand they will inevitably do whatever they want because people don’t matter money does to big corporations like them”

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