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What do I need to know about cooking a Seder?

I was a banquet chef for three years, so when my small group of prayer buddies (3 of us, don’t worry we follow regulations) were readying for Pesach, I was chosen to make the Seder. We have an ultra orthodox rabbi on the edge of the city who holds a Seder for four-hundred-people, so I’ve never had to cook one; in fact, that orthodox rabbi told me my kitchen would never be kosher and not to worry about learning the rules. Obviously, with everything going on, there’s no massive dinner.

But, the guy who’s house I’m cooking at was raised in Old-school orthodoxy, he’s in his eighties and can be both extremely casual about rules and irate when they’re not followed. He bought an entirely new set of pots and pans plus a knife block just to use for this Seder. I keep exactly kosher, so it’s just my kitchen that’s not. I don’t want to seem like an idiot. What are some tips/things to look out for?

We’re two vegetarians and a meat eater so we have steamed green veg tossed in kosher salt, olive oil and garlic; Storebought hummus, Salmon cooked to medium rare; Finally, sweet potato home-fries cooked tossed in garlic, chilli powder and bay seasoning. We of course have the offering plate, I’m bringing KP matzos, that’s all taken care of.

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