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What do i even call this and should I report it to my supervisor?

I work a student job for my school’s housing department where I basically just sit at a desk in the lobby of a dorm and greet students as they enter, and i’m there to help if they need assistance as well. So far this shift has been pretty quiet, but a few minutes ago two students came into the lobby, looked at me, and kind of snickered and whispered some stuff to each other. I wasn’t thinking abt it, and I kinda just assumed they were up to something sus or something. So as they walked through the lobby i didn’t really pay a ton of mind to them or really hear what they were saying, then as they walked right by me and through the door into the main part of the dorm, one of them looked at me as he was like halfway through the doorway and said loud enough for me to hear, “….that holocaust shit was fucked up though.” I’m pretty sure this implies they were saying something antisemitic before that. I should probably add that i wear a kippah and a magen david, so it’s not like they wouldn’t have known I was jewish. I wasn’t really able to get a super good look at them, and I got a pic of them walking down the hall, but you can only see their backs. There’s security cameras in here though so maybe I can do something with that.

Is this something I should report to my supervisor? i don’t even know what I should tell her happened. What would i call this? it’s obviously not a micro-aggression, but its not like he shouted a slur at me. So i cant call it antisemitic violence then. What do I tell my supervisor? I’m literally so pissed off right now about this.

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