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what do I do with this pice of possible jewelry?

Hello, I was going through stuff my (step)grandpa gave me when his mom died, i have had this stuff for years but i was just looking at it and realized that a pice of, what i think might be jewelery, has a Menorah, now neither my (step)grandpa or his parents were Jewish, and also I’m fairly certain that neither is his extended bio family (I’ve known him all my life and so has my mom). I was thinking about maybe giving it to a synagogue but i will talk to my grandpa about maybe giving it to some family member of his in the case that they are Jewish, just because i don’t know why i should have it giving that I’m in no particular religion and he gave it to me bc he didn’t necessarily want it. Still i don’t know if giving it to a synagogue would be okay. Thank you so much for reading me and I’m sorry if there’s any problem with my English:) I’ll put a picture of it in the comments. Also please tell me if I’m braking any rules

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