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what do folks think of parade the musical?

its a dramatization of what happened to leo frank in georgia in the 1910s, so very much a story about institutional and interpersonal antisemitism (i havent seen the show, but im familiar with the story)

theres a new revival on broadway, and my extremely goyishe suburban sister in law wants to see it for her birthday (she loves musicals)

i want to try to give her the benefit of the doubt that she wouldnt be insensitive about it, but what would we be signing up for? is this even a respectful show in the first place? people are gonna sing about the klan lynching a jew? do i wanna sit through that?

i cant imagine a mass market broadway musical could get THAT heavy, even if the subject matter does seem to demand it

i almost cant tell what would be worse – coming out of an intense theater experience with somebody for whom it will mean nothing, or having extended family members try to grill me about judaism over it

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