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What did the Rebbe mean by this statement, that G-d trusts the Jews to choose even contrary to His wishes? Does "spiritual death and rebirth" apply to G-d or just humanity?

Please start at 2:43 and avoid the rest relative to this topic. The part that’s confusing to me is that the Torah is full of G-d punishing the Israelites for going against his commands so for the Rebbe to say G-d trusts Jews to do even that is interesting. Also it’s not 100% clear if the Rebbe is or is not referencing teachings I’m not aware of that even choosing “contrary” to G-d’s wishes could be part of “fulfilling the Torah, the People, and the Land” under certain circumstances.

I am also trying to learn, I understand that fulfilling the Torah will allow G-d to become more manifest in the world than he is now, but what I’d like to ask is, should I understand that as a steady increase in the revelation of G-d? Forgive the crude analogy, but also like a loading bar for a single program going from 10% to 100%, but it’s still the same program with the same name that is loading? Or should I look at it like at this point in Humanity’s spiritual development, it has only been ready to receive the YHWH aspect of G-d, but when the Torah is fulfilled and Humanity’s spiritual development evolves, it will no longer need the YHWH aspect of G-d, and that aspect of G-d will be replaced with a higher “Name” of the same G-d, so to speak?

In other words, just like for a human to evolve spiritually, he often must suffer a series of spiritual deaths and rebirths, for G-d to become fully manifest in our reality, does the same concept apply? Does the YHWH aspect of G-d have to “die” in order for a more fully revelatory aspect of G-d to be revealed in our world in YHWH’s stead?

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