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What channukah means to me

What is chanuka? Chanuka is celebrating a miracle that took place many many many years ago, with first the maccabees defeating the greeks, and then the oil meant only for one day lasting for 8 days. The light of the menorah. In the Beis Hamikdash the windows were designed that the light spread from inwards to outwards, lighting up the world. Now what does this mean to me?

  • Firstly to not be ashamed. A candle in a dark room stands out. No matter what other people think and say about judaism, none of that matters. Sometimes its just going beyond yourself, out of your comfort zone, but its the self-confidence. I am a candle. I know what i am doing is right and nothing else can stand up to it. Don’t run and hide because we are different. Stand and be strong, an example. At the end of the day, our fate is in G-d’s hands; He protects us. By being scared and hiding, the darkness wins.

  • Secondly to realise the affect we have. One small source of light transforms a whole load of darkness. Whatever we do has an effect, no matter what we see or think at the time. There is always someone standing there watching and being positively influenced. And its not just about knowing the effect, the effect is greater than we can possibly imagine. I’d even go so far as to say that the effect far outweighs the effort put in. As its taught that we are on the tipping point of Moshiach, each small mitzvah and act of kindness has the very real possibilty of bringing Moshiach immediately.

  • Finally, to realise that Hashem is always there and always helping. Unlike the story if purim, where G-d is hidden, within the story of channuka he is greatly revealed, just from the amount of miracles alone. First the victory over the greeks. Without Hashem’s help that would never have happened. And then with the burning for 8 days, every single day is a greater miracle than the first. Whats meant for 1 lasting 2, could be a slight possibility, but 2? 3? 4?.. all the way till 8? Hashem is clearly present. Its the same in every day life as-well. The traffic light turned green just in time? Hashem. You bumped into a person and you managed to help each other? Hashem. You experienced a life-changing experience? Hashem. He is everywhere, we just need to look.

Go do a mitzvah, an act of kindness. Go light the channukiah, Go change the world.

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