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what can i (gentile) do for my stranded bf?

good evening and happy new year. sorry if this isnt the sub to be asking questions, feel free to direct me elsewhere! ill get right to it- my boyfriend was meant to go home to his family tonight after an extended visit, but his car broke down and he didnt even make it off my street (its a 2hr+ drive) 🙁 hes pretty upset, understandably so. im not jewish and have only vague familiarity with the holidays, but i know this is an important one. i want to do something for him to maybe help him cheer up when i get home, but never having celebrated myself im not sure what to do, if its appropriate for me to do anything in the first place. i do have plenty of apples and honey, i was thinking of just preparing something small for him since hes probably exhausted. i wasnt home when he tried to leave and had all his car troubles, so he dealt with it alone. idk, i just feel bad that hes pretty much stuck here without his family and cant do anything with them tonight 🙁 any/all advice or suggestions are appreciated. thank you <3

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