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What can be done / How to help?

Secular U.S. Jew here, growing increasingly concerned over not just the rise of antisemitism across the western world, but moreover the widespread propaganda that has been targeting our people which we cannot seem to fight.

Realistically, for someone who has some technical abilities and time on their hands, what can be done to help our people? Many of us have no platform, and have lost our voices to the mob. There is a growing sense of dread and helplessness amongst the diaspora, which I believe must be assuaged, lest we all succumb to another tyranny of fear which has plagued our people in the past. But how can an individual help?

I do not have many connections in the “community”. All I know is that there is a lingering sentiment of “move to Israel, because this is where we belong.” But this cannot be the only answer? It isn’t prudent to put all of your eggs into one basket. A strong Jewish culture must require a strong and thriving diaspora, just as any culture who wishes to normalize their existence to the world-at-large.

Sorry to ramble. I am just concerned, and greatly saddened by the lack of peace in this world. Any information or ideas would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

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