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What are your thoughts on the 7th millennium?

With our parashat this week, it goes over the laws for Shemittah and the Jubilee Year. Ramban, Ibn Ezra, and Abarbanel have commentary on Lev 25:2 regarding “world chronology” or the secret of the days of the world. Ramban and Ibn Ezra only allude to it and act really mysterious about it, and Abarbanel clarifies some of what they said. ArtScroll summarizes it by saying the last 6 thousand years of history will be climaxed by the 7th millennium having total peace and tranquility, (Messianic era?)

Chabad has a really good article that I read last night that made me tear up and gave me goosebumps lmao, its a long read but its an amazing article;

I’m not sure what to think about it, whether it’s just nonsense or something that is totally believable. The article goes over a lot of what I can’t articulate here, so if you read the article let me know your thoughts. Also if anyone knows where I can read more about it that would be great, as google doesn’t turn up a lot of results.

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