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What are your go to social media profiles that are combatting misinformation and antisemitism right now?

At this point it seems like one of the biggest problems Jews are facing is complete bigots and/or idiots peddling misinformation. I’ve been seeing a lot of both pushing massive lies and that seems to be stoking hate more than anything else. Luckily there are quite a few pages that push back against hate and stupidity.

What pages are you relying on or sharing to educate others? I love nothing more than contributing to the monetization of people doing the right thing

My top picks:

Twitter: @visegrad24 and @StopAntisemites

The visegrad account has gotten so big that Elon Musk posted on one of their tweets of a protest where they tore down American flags on Veterans Day.

TikTok: @theoldermillennial.1 or searching “the older millennial” should also work because (shocker) he’s been getting banned a ton.

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