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What are your favourite historical books about Jews in the Middle Ages in [Christian] Europe? Also, are there any essays or books or even lecture on the topic of gender and transness in Judaism?

Currently I am reading England’s Jewish Solution: Experiment and Expulsion, 1262-1290 by Robin Mundill and it’s fascinating. I am a Jew from Britain and I’ve always been very interested in the Middle Ages but I’ve never specifically studied anything about Jews in the Middle Ages or Jewish history in general other than Raoul Hilberg’s he Destruction of the European Jews and Ilan Pappé’s work on the Nakba and the founding of the Israeli state, until now — what are your favourites? I’m especially interested in Western Europe from era right after the Roman state’s authority collapsed around 500 or so, to the turn of the 14th century.

Also, I’m a non-binary person and although some Jewish writers and scholars, in particular the incredible Judith Butler and Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, have been incredibly important on my gender journey, but I’ve never read anything on this topic from a particular Jewish perspective, can you recommend any? To be clear, although I am open to engaging with complex ideas, when I say writings about gender, the prerequisite is affirmation, I’m not interested in conservatives who negate or deny my experience of gender.

Thanks so much!

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