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What are typically stuff I should include for my peasah seder?

Hey, I’m Jewish so this isn’t some goy just trying to fake a passover seder. I’m just kinda stuck

My family just has never really been super religious in the past. We’ve included all the basic stuff obviously but in regards to other food, we’ve never had anything in specific. I’ve invited over a couple of goyim from a world religion class I’m in because I like them and I thought it would be nice to let people who aren’t Jewish experience something Jewish.

The only problem is because we weren’t really planning to do a seder in the first place ( my dad doesn’t really like celebrating holidays unfortunately ) I was given the task to pick out and prepare all the food. Honestly I just have very little ideas on what I should include. I just need some ideas. I’ve planned out a bit using food we have around the house but not enough for a whole seder.

So reddit, are there any ideas of stuff I can make ( preferably that’s fairly simple )? We’re inviting them over on the second night so ~4/5 days in-between now & then. I was thinking of asking earlier and I just forgot which is my fault.

Thank you!

Other information : • My dad wants us to use meat instead of dairy

• One of the other people is Muslim so we’re preparing to only buying halel & kosher meat

• The only allergies anyone there has are my dad’s, and respectively of that I’ll probably be avoiding stuff with broccoli & carrots ( and the related foods )

• We’re planning to have 4-8 people ( we invited another Jewish family we’re friends with but idk if they’re coming hence the huge difference )

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