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What are the most influencial books in jewish history which i can buy?

The Old Testament of course, is there a certain version you can recommend?

The Talmud, i have heared about 2 version, Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmud, which one do you prefer?

The Kabbalah, well i don’t think i will understand it so pass on that(question here is the Zohar part of the Kabbalah or is it a different book)

Then i would like to have some books with critical histoical influence. I just bought Herzls Der Judenstaat, and his fiction book Alt Neu Land just to get a better understanding for the roots of Zionism.

I just want to make clear i do this because in recent times there is a lot of narrative shifts and i am like my grandpa who said, if you want to understand marx you have to read Hitler( so always chech both sides sources)

Is there any more content ? Religious or not it would be nice to get some insight, for example what is the source for the Samartians or Hasidic jews? As far as i now they are some smaller groups who made some changes to the laws of Judaism. Do they have their own books? Or is it just tradition?

Can’t promise to buy them all. I didn’t even found a version of the Old Testament which pleases my needs, but that’s off topic.

And sorry for one of my last posts where i asked about if Zionism believe in hebrew pantheon. This is all new for me and it was not my intention to anger anyone. I was just confused about Herzl being an atheist which led to my question. My assumption was if you don’t have to believe in religion as a zionist, can you believe in other jew related religions.

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