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What are the allergy policies at your Jewish early childhood education centers?


If your child(ren) currently attend or have attended within the last 5 years a Jewish institution-affiliated daycare or preschool (meaning, preschool associated with a synagogue, JCC, dayschool, etc, not a shul bubbe who runs an in-home center), would you mind sharing:

1) what was the policy regarding kashrut, if any (dairy/parve, parve, no Biblical treif, etc)

2) who provided the regular meals and snacks (facility, individual family for each child, parents took turns providing for whole group, etc)

3) what was the policy regarding allergies? (was the whole school X-free? did it go classroom by classroom? were only school-sponsored events allergen-free, but parents could bring X for their specific child’s lunch?)

4) how did you feel about the policy – were you scared your child with allergy to X would get contaminated? were you annoyed at having to spend more money on a peanut butter alternative that your kid hated? did you wish there was some middle ground compromise that could be implemented instead but was never even considered?

I ask because I am on a committee to revise our synagogue preschool’s current allergy policy, and our committee is trying to understand what other Jewish preschool practices are. Thank you! Happy to receive PMs as well!

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