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What are some ways two Jewish girls from different backgrounds can start celebrating shabbat together?

My best friend was raised as a conservative Jew in the Jewish community of metro Detroit. She has the stereotypical “Jewish American princess” appearance and a very Jewish surname.

I was raised mostly secular in an extremely Christian community on the other side of the state. I didn’t even meet another Jew until middle school. I started learning the religion by myself on the Chabad website in my sophomore year of high school because I didn’t have a community.

We met in college through the campus Hillel group, and now two years later, even though neither of us attend that school anymore, we’re still best friends. We’re going to be living about 15-20 minutes from one another at the end of this summer, and both of us are interested in honoring shabbat more than we have in the past for our own unique reasons.

What are some ways for us to go on this journey together? I’m open to any suggestions–whether they’re ancient traditions or unique twists on the typical celebration!

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